Have you ever wondered if your significant other was having an affair? Maybe it was something they said that did not add up or maybe you find that they have lied to you their whereabouts. Sometimes it is just a feeling and you cannot put your finger on why you feel that way. The feeling is torturous and if you want to find out for sure whether or not you are being cheated on, love detectives or love spies are the way to go.

    More and more people have been hiring love detectives in Singapore. Love detectives perform a variety of tasks, from just verifying your partners dating history to following them and finding out if they are cheating on you. A lot of people want to be absolutely sure if their partner is loyal to them before they get married. These constitute the majority of the young clientele of the love detectives.

    However, private detectives do not come cheap. They can anywhere between $800 to $10000. The price varies depending on the number of hours that goes into the task and the risks involved. The pay is really justified considering the risks. If the subject being investigated realizes that they are being followed, they can get confrontational sometimes. Sometimes they modify their behavior when they realize they are being tailed and client ends up with the wrong information.

    The job also involves a lot of travel at very short notice. the travel is not limited to travel within the country. Love detectives need to be ready to travel overseas to gather evidence against the subject. They have to be ready to adapt to new places and make sure that they blend in perfectly and don’t stand out. They also have to be ready to wait around for long hours and this requires an immense amount of patience.

    Injuries while in pursuit is a part and parcel of the job. they may vary from minor bruises to major accidents. Love detectives have to be constantly attentive. Although traditionally this was the domain of ex-military and ex-police officers, the newcomers in the field range from college students to MBA graduates. But most of the young people get tired of the long hours and leave soon. Also, unlike those with a background in law enforcement, others need to learn the tips and tricks of the job on the go.

    The job also involves a fair amount of research. Investigators have to study the daily routine and habits of the subjects, familiarize themselves with the places most often visited by the subject and have decent photography skills and equipment. The client requires photographic or video evidence of infidelity and evidence provided must be conclusive.

    Around 90% of the time, love spies find that their client’s suspicions were valid. They also have to be able to handle the client’s response to realizing the truth. Some of them break down crying while others become thoughtful and strangely calm. Although traditionally it was the men who were being unfaithful, it has become an equal field now in Singapore with both men and women being equally unfaithful.

    Hiring a love detective is the best way to get rid of the nagging feeling you may have about the fidelity of your partner. If you are proven wrong you can be set your doubts to rest. On the other hand, if your suspicions come true, you have some serious thinking to do about your the future with your partner. While some decide to end the relationship, others opt for counseling and trying to make it work. It is a personal choice and everyone copes differently.

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