• About Private Investigator Singapore

  • Private Investigation Singapore is a well-established investigation agency with great experience in the industry. We specialize in private investigations for various kinds of civil and criminal cases with a guarantee of adequate and credible evidence. Over the years, we have been offering professional private detective services to quite a number of individuals and organizations across Singapore.


    We are a private investigation agency licensed by the Singapore Police Force, and which you can always trust to deliver remarkable results in any investigative task. In fact, there is a wide range of professional private investigation services that we offer including;

    All our private detectives are professionals with unmatched expertise in conducting investigations. With the experience that we have in private investigations, we understand what it takes to always deliver the best results that can be trusted. Based on the case that you may wish to be investigated, we have the best techniques, tools and equipment to use in unearthing the required information.

    Our private detectives always take time to first analyze and plan for every investigation procedure in order to ensure that you able to get the desired results or evidence conveniently without having to wait for a lifetime.  

    We always take pride in the innovative skills that we use in conducting private investigations. Our private investigators are knowledgeable on various kinds of technology and investigative tools. Besides, our team of private operatives are well suited for all kinds of covert operations with a guarantee of the best results in every task.

    Apart from just the collection of evidence, we also have professional analysts to examine every piece of information before compiling a report. Our main goal is to ensure that you get detailed information that can be used even in a court of law. We always verify all information that is sourced by our detectives to ensure that you get accurate and credible evidence.

    At Private Investigation Singapore, we understand the complexity and sensitivity of private investigations, and the impacts they can have on clients. As a result, we also offer professional advice so you know what to do and how to conduct yourself in order to avoid any trouble. Besides, all our investigation procedures are conducted in total discretion to protect the interests of all clients, subjects of investigations and also our private detectives.

    We have a clean track record of professional private investigation services, and this is a testimony to the way in which we have always conducted investigations. In fact, we have revolutionized the private investigation sector with the quality services that we always deliver to clients. We understand the dynamics of the industry and this has enabled our private detectives to always stay a step ahead in all investigations.

    We understand that making the decision to hire a PI Singapore can be tricky and are here to lift that burden for you. Simply talk to us for professional private investigation services! 

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