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    Surveillance investigation is one of the main avenues pursued by private investigators when gathering evidence. Although some have argued that surveillance infringes into people’s rights to privacy, it has proven to be effective in conducting thorough investigations on a wide range of cases. Similar to other forms of investigations, surveillance has limits and always conducted in discretion for the protection of subjects.

    Besides, it should also be noted that surveillance investigation is done within the parameters of the law to ensure that all activities are handled professionally.

    What does Surveillance Investigation entail?

    Surveillance can be defined as a technique or way of keeping an eye on an individual, groups of people, events or property in order to obtain particular information. The aim of the exercise is to acquire information that may not be readily available and requires the subject to be closely watched. Besides, surveillance can also be commissioned in order to obtain additional information to be used as evidence or for other purposes.

    Types of surveillance investigation

    Surveillance can be conducted through various means and options based on the circumstances of the investigations. The following are some of the main forms of surveillance;

    • Surveillance cameras: This is whereby investigators secretly erect cameras in the homes, offices or areas frequented by subjects of an investigation in order to get footage, video and audio records. Surveillance cameras are common tools used to extract real-time digital footage in a number of situations today.
    • Computer surveillance / digital forensics: This form of surveillance involves the monitoring of information or data that is stored or exchanged across computers and online. Investigators can monitor the use of both private and public computers in the pursuit for information.
    • Telephone surveillance: Just like the name suggests, telephone surveillance involves the monitoring of subjects’ activities including, calls and messages exchanged through the telephone. Almost everyone uses a phone to communicate and this makes telephone surveillance an ideal tool for private investigations.
    • Biometric surveillance: Biometric investigation refers to the use of technology to study and analyze behavioral and physical traits of persons for proper identification. Some of the features studied in biometric surveillance include, DNA, facial appearance, fingerprints, voice among others.
    • Social network analysis: Also another common form of surveillance investigation, social network analysis is the extraction of data from social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp among others. Through these platforms, investigators are able to acquire information about people’s interests, activities, addresses and affiliations.
    • Data mining and profiling: In some occasions, investigators experience a hard time trying to obtain information from certain sources. As a result, they may recommend data mining and profiling, which involves a systemic collection and classification of information to reveal hidden links or affiliations. Through this process, investigators are able to learn more about a person that even the individual may not be aware of.
    • Human surveillance: This form of surveillance investigation is whereby investigators infiltrate into the lives or activities of people involved in an investigation. For example, an investigation agency can send one of its operatives to seek employment in a particular company in order to find out more information about it. This enables them to have a one-on-one experience with the subjects of investigation for credible and reliable evidence gathering.

    Apart from the types of surveillance investigation discussed above, there are several other measures that private investigators can still use in order to monitor their subjects including, satellite imagery, corporate surveillance, radio frequency identification and geo-location devices among others.  

    The Key areas where surveillance investigation can be applied

    There are a number of situations or cases whereby surveillance can be recommended, depending on the aim of investigations. The following are some of the main areas where investigators can use surveillance;

    Since surveillance is conducted in secrecy, it can also be used by companies in order to track down the activities of their employees in the event that they are suspected of malpractice. In fact, it can be effective in background checks since it enables investigators to extract information based on actual events. Surveillance does not only entail watching over subjects through the use of devices and technology but also human operatives.

    How surveillance investigations are conducted

    Although some forms of surveillance may seem quite easy and simple, the exercise requires expertise and experience for the best results. Therefore, it is advisable that you hire a private investigator for surveillance investigation. Investigators will only start monitoring a person or event after receiving a claim or request from a client.

    There is usually no particular form of surveillance for a given scenario; however, investigators will first look into the nature of each specific case. After reviewing all the subjects and circumstances of the matter, a private investigator will be able to share with you the most ideal type of surveillance to be used.

    For example, if you need surveillance of a cheating husband or cheating wife, investigators may start from data mining and profiling to determine the subjects then move on to monitoring their telephones, emails and even social networks. In some cases, they may also follow the subjects and take photos and videos to unearth the truth.

    Depending on the case at hand, investigators can also install surveillance cameras in strategic positions in order to acquire the information that a client needs. The choice of surveillance type always depends on the specifics of the case under investigation, including the people who are to be monitored, their locations, and possible means of communication among others.

    Surveillance investigations can either be stationary or mobile, depending on the urgency of the information and other circumstances. Stationary surveillance involves less effort and mainly focused on obtaining information about a person, property or activity by relying on the knowledge of the public or details in the public domain.

    Mobile or moving surveillance involves movement of detectives from one place to another through the use of motor vehicles, bikes or other forms of transport in search of information. However, there are also cases where investigators can simply walk on foot in disguise to keep track of the people being investigated.

    Another common method of surveillance is electronic, which entails the use of devices and the internet to extract information from emails, fax machines, computers among others. However, electronic surveillance requires the approval of a court of law before investigators begin the process.

    Despite the type of surveillance or method that private investigators see fit, extra caution is always taken throughout the process to ensure that all activities are carried out without prejudice. At the end of the investigation, investigators will carefully analyze the extracted information and file a report to represent the findings.

    Contrary to what most people believe, surveillance investigation is not only aimed at exposing negative information about a subject. However, the process targets unearthing information, both positive and negative, that can be used as evidence to prove whether a particular allegation or suspicion is true or false.

    Benefits of Hiring a PI for Surveillance Investigation

    With the modern technology, many people apply various measures like passwords and encryptions in order to keep their information from others, which makes it almost impossible to obtain certain kinds of information. Besides, there are also some people who can be very elusive and difficult to trace single-handedly like criminals. However, surveillance investigation digs deeper into various sources through sophisticated techniques and tools to ensure the collection of credible and adequate evidence.

    Conducting investigations or surveillance on people who are already aware of their wrong doing is not usually easy since they will try to keep their acts under wraps. Besides, monitoring someone or even an event requires quite a lot of time. Considering all these, it would be wise to hire a private investigator for surveillance. An experienced PI understands all the dimensions of the exercise and can conduct proper monitoring even in complicated cases.

    A good investigation agency has adequate human operatives and tools to use in conducting comprehensive surveillance. Besides, investigators also have links with other agencies across the world to facilitate fast and proper surveillance investigations. In fact, surveillance investigation can involve both local and international subjects, depending on the case that is being handled. Going by these circumstances, the investigation process can be very costly, especially when on your own. Private investigators have the resources to carry out surveillance across various platforms and within a short period of time.

    Hiring a private detective for surveillance investigation will give you peace of mind and also save a lot of time that can be used on other constructive duties. In fact, it can spare you a lot of pain that may result from being physically present in the investigation. For example, watching your spouse kiss or engage in a sexual act with another person can be very humiliating. With a PI, you do not have to be in the scene of investigation but still get the information.

    Another benefit of hiring a private investigator for surveillance is, you can also get professional advice on how to handle pieces of evidence from the investigation, and deal with different situations in life.



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