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    Private investigations require a keen eye, excellent analytical skills, familiarity with technology and high standards of confidentiality for the best results. Unlike the common belief that private investigators only deal with domestic cases, it should be noted that the job entails investigations into both civil and criminal cases. In fact, a private detective can effectively carryout investigations into a number of issues affecting individuals and even commercial organizations. The main goal of private investigation Singapore is to deliver accurate and reliable evidence that can be relied upon in unearthing the truth about claims or suspicions.

    Our Private Investigation Services

    We can conduct investigations into various matters, depending on the needs of every client. In order to help clients sort a variety of cases, there are several kinds of private investigation services that we offer including;

    Under this service, our detectives can assist you in obtaining information about an individual or organization’s history. This service is mainly recommended for employers who need to verify information about their workers so as to get an in-depth knowledge of the characters of each. When signing a contract, background checks can also help you to know the entities or parties involved much better for proper decision making.

    Surveillance involves keeping a close watch over people’s activities. Our private detectives have the best skills and tools to use in monitoring subjects of investigations to acquire information. We can deliver effective surveillance 24/7 to ensure that you get information about every single detail of the subject.

    Having been involved in private investigations for so long, we understand that there are some situations whereby female private detectives can be the most effective. Besides, there are also clients who may only want female detectives to work on their cases. As a result of that, we have invested in a team of professional women private investigators to ensure that we meet the demands of every client.

    Undercover operations are quite effective in areas whereby the subjects are not easily reachable. We have experts who can conduct covert operations even in very risky cases to deliver the required information without being detected. Our operatives can skilfully infiltrate businesses, institutions and even events at any time of day or night with a guarantee of the credible information.

    Tracking down hidden assets is an activity that can involve various operations from background checks, surveillance investigation to even covert operations. However, we are well prepared to go the extra mile to ensure that you are able to retrieve any hidden property within Singapore.

    Depending on particular private investigation service that you may need, our private investigators are in a position to always deliver the best assistance. In every investigative task, we always make sure that you are able to get adequate information that will bring out the truth.

    How we handle Private Investigation in Singapore

    Our experience in private investigations have enabled us to have a perfect understanding of the dimensions of various kinds of cases. Through the experience and expertise, we are always proud to guarantee the best results in every task that we handle. However, we only begin investigations after obtaining requests and authentication from clients.

    As soon as you ask us to conduct a private investigation on your behalf, we will start by creating a profile for the case. This mainly involves identification of the suspects or those you want to be investigated. The private detective who will be working on your case will ask you a few questions regarding the investigations in order to have a better understanding of the aim of the exercise and also choose the most effective procedures.

    To guarantee the confidentiality of our activities, we recommend that all clients sign a non-disclosure agreement. This means that you can rest assured no information about the investigation can be leaked out to a third party. In fact, we take all precautions to ensure that not even other detectives who are not part of the investigation can lay their hands on the details about your case.  

    After establishing the basis of the investigation and obtaining all the specifics of the case, our private detectives will immediately set off for the exercise. Since the nature of private investigations vary based on the particular case being handled, we have a wide range of tools to use. In fact, we shall always identify the most effective and efficient tool that can be used to ensure that investigations are conducted thoroughly and also within a short time.

    It is always in the interests of clients to know how the investigations are being conducted and we shall ensure that you are not denied this right. Our investigators will keep you updated regularly, giving details of how far the investigations have gone and also what to expect in due time. As this happens, you will also have the chance to make any necessary comments or observations regarding the investigations.

    Evidence is something that should always be presented with clarity and adequate information to support every claim indicated therein. It is for this reason that we always have to carefully scrutinize and analyze every piece of information presented by private investigators. Through this process, we are able to verify all the details and create a credible report that can even be used in court as evidence.

    With the evidence, you can choose the next course of action. However, we can also offer you professional advice on how to stay out of trouble.

    Benefits of hiring Private Investigation Singapore

    There are several benefits that you can enjoy whenever you hire a private detective for private investigation in Singapore. The following are some of the benefits that we guarantee all clients;

    • Professional private investigation services  
    • Total discretion in all activities
    • Reliable and credible evidence for every cases
    • Effective investigative operations within a short time

    Thinking of hiring a Private Investigator? Look no further, our private investigators can not only help you in obtaining evidence but can also accompany you to the court in case you intend to pursue the matter. In fact, we have handled private investigation Singapore for many attorneys on behalf of their clients. 

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