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    It’s always the desire of every person to keep their secrets as confidential as possible. However, there are times that even the best keep secrets find their way into public space, leaving the owners in great disbelief and desperation. As people become more informed about growing problems regarding the invasion of their personal and professional privacy, the popularity of counter surveillance measures like, bug sweeps have also risen. Also referred to as technical surveillance countermeasures, bug sweeps can effectively help people and businesses to protect their privacy.

    Since surveillance equipment like cameras or recorders are always placed in discreet locations, finding them is not very easy. As a result of the discretion, you may not even have the slightest suspicion that someone could be watching you. Bug sweep seeks to identify and remove surveillance equipment or devices at home or even in the office. This will give you peace of mind and sense of security, knowing that none is listening to or watching your private activities. 

    Bug Sweep Services

    With the rapid changes in technology, tactics used by criminals have also undergone massive transformation. Today, there quite a number of criminal activities, especially those committed online, that pass unnoticed. In such occasions, determining even the offenders becomes a nightmare. Unveiling such activities requires more than just an individual but expertise and sophisticated tools.

    To be able to help many people and businesses in securing their private information and lives, there are various kinds of bug sweep services that we offer including;

    The internet is a very complex platform where almost anything can occur but not everyone has the skills and techniques tracing activities conducted therein. This poses a great challenge to victims of acts like cybercrime to get justice. However, we have the right tools to use in conducting proper bug sweep both physically and electronically. 

    How we conduct Bug Sweep

    Detecting surveillance devices planted in your home or office requires a keen eye and also knowledge on using bug detectors. Besides, it also needs time since the devices are not placed in the open where everyone can spot them. Therefore, it is always advisable that you hire a private investigator for effective bug sweep. We have experience in bug sweep and can easily help you in securing your privacy regardless of where the devices are used.

    Apart from the surveillance equipment that are placed on physical locations, there are also some that can be installed online through computer programs or software. Most people today use the internet and other forms of technology, where most of their private information is kept. As a result of this, online surveillance can be very destructive to your privacy if not detected and removed immediately.

    Whenever you approach us for bug sweep, our private investigators will first examine the situation to determine the location of the surveillance equipment. In case you suspect the devices are placed in your home or office, our detectives will thoroughly comb the area to find and remove all of them. However, our work do not just end there, we will also analyze the detected bugs to find out information about those who placed them there and their intentions.

    In the case that you suspect someone is monitoring your activities online, it is critical to talk to us immediately. We have various kinds of sophisticated technology-enhanced tools to use in bug detection. We conduct extensive search on email accounts, online activities and other techniques that can be used by criminals to monitor you.

    The technical procedures of a full big sweep are quite comprehensive and touches on every aspect that could potentially enable others to invade into your privacy. Our private investigators will conduct proper radio spectrum analysis, examination of telephone systems and other communication structures. Besides, we also conduct a number of tests using specialized equipment to detect bugs.

    In conducting bug sweep, we will also look into any modifications or changes that may been done to your communication equipment or even online data. There are cases whereby bugs can also be placed to give false statements by altering content of data stored online or in an electronic device. As a result of this, we also dig deeper to ensure that all threats are identified and eliminated.

    In case you have lost data, our private detectives will also work harder to ensure that the information is retrieved before more damage is caused. After a careful analysis of the situation, our investigators will be able to determine the origin of the fault and who caused it. Since we always conduct thorough investigations, there is an assurance you will get adequate evidence that can even be used in court.

    For clarity and credibility, we do not just had over information to clients. Instead, we examine all the information provided by investigators then create a comprehensive report on the investigation. If you choose to proceed to court with the evidence, our private detectives can also accompany you to authenticate the report for admissibility. 

    The importance of a PI in a Bug Sweep

    Although there are various kinds of bug sweep tools available online and even local shops for people who may need them, effective bug sweep requires skills and proper technological know-how. By choosing to conduct a bug sweep on your own will not only take most of your time but also likely to end up in futility.

    Hiring a private investigator for bug sweep is the most convenient and effective option for success in clearing threats to your privacy. Unlike any other person, a PI can always conduct the exercise within the shortest time and deliver results.

    There is a chance you can be able to find some information on your own but that may not be enough to justify a claim. Private detectives have the resources for proper investigations to unearth sufficient evidence.

    Since you may also not know the right procedures on how to initiate legal claims for activities like cybercrime or data theft, we can also give you professional advise you on how to successfully go about it. 

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