• Pre-Employment Screening Singapore

  • For a successful hiring process, it is always important that recruiters get the best qualified candidates with the abilities of taking the employer to the next level. However, there are several occasions where recruiters have fallen short of this expectation, mainly because of failure to carry out proper pre-employment screening for applicants.

    Hiring someone whom you do not know very well is very dangerous since you may not easily tell their next moves or even objectives for seeking the position. In order to avoid being a victim of rogue employees, it is advisable to always seek the assistance of a private investigator to conduct a thorough pre-employment screening before hiring.

    What is Pre-Employment Screening?

    Pre-employment screening is a process that is usually carried out during the selection of candidates or applicants for a particular job listing. It entails backgrounds checks of individuals and verification of the information that they provide. Through this process, employers are able to validate the credentials of candidates in order to know the ideal match for the job.

    Benefits of pre-employment screening

    Today, pre-employment screening is one of the key tasks by hiring agencies and other companies when recruiting new employees. This can be attributed to the several benefits that it can deliver to a company like;

    • Protection of employers against lawsuits resulting from claims of negligent recruitment processes
    • Prevention of fraud since screening can reveal the history of job applicants, including those who may have been involved in fraud in the past.
    • Can help in detection of violent behaviors in candidates, thereby preventing occurrences like violence in the workplace to ensure a safer environment for both workers and clients
    • Attracts candidates with better qualification and merit

    Through proper pre-hiring screening, employers are able to build their trust around factual information. Employing someone with deceptive credentials will not only affect the activities of an employer but also the morale of the entire workforce.

    Using a private investigator for pre-employment screening in Singapore

    Many organizations today prefer using recruitment agencies when hiring although, there are also companies that use their own human resource teams to hire new workers. All these options can enable a company to acquire new employees. However, there are several occasions whereby they have failed to carry out comprehensive pre-employment screening, impacting lots of losses.

    The best way to ensuring that potential employees are thoroughly vetted is through a private investigator. Investigators understand that most people often try to hide certain things about them during job applications in order to stand better chances of being hired. Therefore, they have numerous ways to pursue in unearthing information so employers are able to know the truth about the identity, behavior and past activities of a candidate before he or she is hired.

    The Role of a PI in pre-employment screening

    With the rapid growth of technology, it can be very challenging to find information about some people, especially when they want such information to stay secret. This is one of the reasons even a number of recruitment agencies have sometimes been unable to perform proper pre-employment screening procedures.

    Due to the experience in investigations, a private investigator can help you unearth a lot about job candidates, including hidden details because, they have several sophisticated techniques and tools to use for the collection and analysis of data.

    In order to ensure successful pre-employment screening, private investigators can do the following;

    • Comprehensive checks on CVs, resumes and references
    • Perform database searches on private and public records
    • Interviewing an applicant’s close associates
    • Examination of criminal and civil conviction records of candidates
    • In-house investigations through the internet and othertools

    Doing a background check on a potential employee and his/her past activities would be very sensitive and even lead to lawsuits if not handled carefully and within the legal framework. Therefore, it is important that the task is left to investigative experts with the best experience in handling pre-employment screening.

    Hiring a private investigator for pre-employment screening will enable you to have a better understanding of the qualifications of candidates so as to make the right decision on an ideal match for the position. When an organization gets the right person for the job, there are chances it will be able to enhance productivity for greater results.

    Make the right choice today; hire the best private investigator for pre-employment screening in Singapore!


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