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    In life, we go through a lot of situations, which may sometimes leave us with only the survival instinct. As such, there are quite a number of people, especially in developed nations who practice sham marriages. Marriage of convenience is a case whereby a person decides to marry another mainly for economic, social or political gain. In such marriages, partners do not tie the knot because of affection or love towards each other but as a means to a particular advantage.

    There are different legal procedures regarding sham marriages, which vary from one country to another. In Singapore, the Immigration Act outlines marriage of convenience or marriage fraud as a crime punishable by law. In fact, many people have been charged with marriage fraud but this has done very little towards hindering marriage of convenience in Singapore.

    Why most people get into Fake Marriages

    In Singapore, it has been alleged in the previous years that a number of foreigners come into the country and pay locals to marry them. This has begged the question, why are people increasingly getting involved in marriages of convenience? The following are some of the main reasons for fake marriages;

    • The need to change citizenship or acquire a work permit
    • Some get involved to avoid being suspected of homosexuality or bisexuality
    • Financial gain
    • Desire to fit into a particular class or status

    Considering the stricter immigration measures being implemented in various countries today, marriages of convenience have become one of the ideal options for foreigners to gain citizenship in other countries, mainly for work.

    How to Stay Safe from Marriage Sham

    A marriage is a vow that should always be treated in honesty, love and respect. Studies show that many people who have often rushed into marriages have ended up in pain and misery. Before you declare to spend your life with someone, it is important to have a better understanding of them. This is important because it will enable you to know in prior what you are getting into.

    Even if you have stayed for long with the desire of getting married, and finally get an opportunity, it is still advisable to stop and think before making hurried decisions. Some people may appear to be so caring and loving but in reality, have other objectives, which are very different from your judgment. The best way to avoid living a lie and committing a criminal offense, you should hire a private investigator to conduct background check and pre-marital investigation on the person you plan to marry.

    Although there are those who get into marriages of convenience knowingly, there are also those who may only find out later that they moved in with fake partners. A private investigator can help you avoid all these risks through investigations to determine his or her intentions before marriage.

    The Importance of a private investigator in Marriage of Convenience

    A private investigator is the right person you need to talk to for investigations in case you are not sure of your partner’s background, citizenship and among other aspects. Although some people may consider this an infringement of their partners’ privacy, it could just be the best way to prevent falling into the trap of sham marriages. Through a private investigator, you can easily find out more information about your partner, which you would not have discovered on your own.

    There are many channels that private investigators can use in order to get information about the person you are planning to marry including, background checks, surveillance investigation and monitoring among others. Through these avenues, investigators will provide you with detailed evidence that can be used to tell whether your partner is interested in the marriage for mutual affection or other advantages.

    By hiring a private investigator, you will be able to get the required information without being noticed or causing any inconvenience to your partner. Investigators are always very keen with their operations and can generate data from a variety of sources in total discretion. Besides, all the procedures are conducted in accordance with the law for the protection of both parties.

    With a PI, there is also a guarantee that you will get credible information since all the data is carefully verified and analyzed by professionals before submission. This is important because it will enable you to make the right decisions for marriage and life in general.








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