• Pre-Marital Investigation Singapore

  • Pre-Marital Investigation Service in Singapore

    Convincing someone that the person they are planning to marry is not the right choice is not an easy task. This is because it is almost impossible to suspect that your wife or husband-to-be could be playing double standards or not serious (in the case of sham marriages). Although he or she may seem normal and give no reason for suspicion, there could so much more under the carpet that might even take you a lifetime to discover. As such, it is of great importance that you always take time to examine and study the whereabouts of your intended wife or husband before making any commitment.

    Contrary to what some may think, pre-marital investigation is not a reserve of wealthy families. In fact, it is a key process that can shield you from getting hurt or laying hopes in places they are never bound to prevail. In fact, there are several risks that can come with failing to know your partner before marriage other than emotional pain.

    How to ensure effective pre-marital investigation

    There is a variety of avenues that couples who are planning to get married can pursue in order to find out information about each other. However, the most convenient, credible and discreet way is through the services of a private investigator. Getting to know your partner is important but can also be very challenging, especially when there is something he or she does not want you to find out.

    A private investigator has the time and techniques to apply in conducting pre-marital or marriage investigation so you are able to get comprehensive information regarding your partner. The information can be collected in different ways depending on the circumstances around the case.

    Within the parameters of the law, a private investigator can help you with the following;  

    • Obtaining information on your partner’s social relationships
    • Assessment of his or her financial statements
    • Conducting background checks
    • Assessment of education and professional experience
    • Investigating past criminal records

    With the experience of a private investigator, the information or evidence can be provided in various forms including, written reports or documents, photos, audio recordings, video footage among others. There is no guarantee that the investigation can deliver all these forms of evidence but investigators always try to get adequate evidence that can be used in the justification of a person’s character.

    In some cases, further actions like monitoring could be recommended to enable investigators get as much information as possible. Despite the extent of the investigation, you can always be sure that all the procedures are carried out within the law.

    The importance of a PI in Pre-Marital Investigation Singapore

    By relying on a private investigator to perform pre-marital investigation on your partner, you will have peace of mind. It will give you the time and space to carry on with your daily activities as investigators work on unearthing the truth.

    A private investigator will not only help with collection of evidence but can also give you advice on the steps to take in the event that the results prove any wrong doing by your partner. In this way, you can be able to avoid the risks of marrying someone has little regard for your happiness and success.


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