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    Going by the rapid changes sweeping across the world, there are quite a number of vices in society today that many people do not even believe exist. Many children today continue to suffer under the yoke of abuse mainly because they cannot protect themselves. In some cases, there are even those who lack people to defend or protect them from abuse. As a result of this vulnerability, children are becoming significant targets of a wide range of malpractices.

    Although there are laws imposed by every country for child protection, very little has been achieved towards protecting children rights. In fact, reports show an increase in cases of child abuse across the world. Since children cannot clearly describe situations of abuse, people have committed crimes against them and walked scot-free.

    It can be very painful to see a child being subjected to violent treatment and other forms of abuse. If the child is your own, the situation can be more traumatizing. Since most of these crimes are committed in secrecy, obtaining evidence to bring those responsible to book can be challenging to a parent or guardian.

    Things you should know about Child Abuse

    Although child abuse is a common occurrence in our society today, many people are still not familiar with facts about this act. Child abuse refers to any form of physical, emotional or sexual action by a person, which causes harm to a child. The abuse can also include verbal statements directed towards a child, and lack of attention to a child.

    Generally, child abuse encompasses all kinds of actions towards a child that can potentially inflict either physical or psychological pain. Although some argue that an abuse can only be so if it’s committed several times, even the slightest action can have lasting impacts on a child. Children are vulnerable to so many things and even uttering a simple unpleasant statement to them can affect them for the rest of their lives.

    It is not wrong to instill discipline into a child through punishment. However, parents, guardians or care givers should always remember there is a very thin line between putting a child on the right track and abuse. Child abuse is not only committed by strangers but can also result from parents, guardians or others left in the care of children.

    Forms of Child Abuse

    Child abuse and neglect can take place in various kinds of situations and for different reasons. The following are some of the main classes of child abuse;

    • Physical abuse: This is the most common form of child abuse. Physical abuse can be committed in the form of hitting, striking, kicking or slapping a kid, resulting into scratches, bruises, burns, broken bones other body parts, frequent mishaps among other effects. In many countries, the act of intentionally causing injury to a minor is considered criminal, irrespective of who commits it.
    • Emotional abuse: This form of abuse focuses on acts that could negatively impact a child psychology and social strengths. They can result from utterances, treatment of a child and bullying. A child who is emotionally abused often feels disturbed and may even develop psychological problems.
    • Family violence: Children can also be caught up in domestic violence between family members. For instance, some parents subject their children to abuse in order to instill fear or control their partners. This form of abuse involved can be committed physically or emotionally.
    • Neglect: This is whereby a child is not accorded the level of protection recommended by law. Parents, guardians or caregivers have the responsibility of ensuring that children have adequate food, shelter and clothing. Besides, kids should also have access to proper medical care, education, love and care. Failure of a parent to offer these could amount to abuse.
    • Sexual abuse: This form of abuse occurs when an adult commits a sexual act with a child or exposes them to indecent sexual behaviors or material. Such acts can be committed through threats, force or manipulation of the child.

    Although there is a chance that a child can be subjected to only one form of abuse, reports show that children are usually vulnerable to wide range of abusive acts.

    How a Private Investigator can help you with Child Abuse cases

    Child abuse is a crime just like robbery and even murder, which requires immediate action. Since you will need credible evidence to show that an abuse was committed against a child, thorough investigations must be conducted. And, this is where a private investigator plays a critical role.

    A private investigator can assist you in conducting proper child abuse and child protection investigation in order to acquire sufficient evidence of the act. In the process of investigations, a PI can obtain various kinds of information about suspects of child abuse to help with handling the case.

    Bearing in mind that child abuse cases vary from one victim to another, investigators are able to craft the most appropriate means to use in extracting information from various sources. Investigations can be conducted through background checks, surveillance investigation and monitoring or any other effective avenues.

    There are various pieces of evidence that private investigators can avail for child abuse cases, depending on the nature of each. A PI can table evidence in the form of documents, audio and video records, photos among others. Besides, there are also cases whereby investigators can source witnesses in order to build a strong case.

    Benefits of hiring a PI for Child Abuse Investigation Singapore

    By getting a private investigator for child abuse investigation, you will be able to easily evade the stress and risks that come with investigative tasks. Private investigators have the expertise and tools to conduct proper investigations and deliver a credible report.

    Another advantage of hiring a private investigator for child abuse cases is because the evidence they give can be trusted by courts and other authorities. Investigators are professionals who understand the legal expectations when it comes to collecting evidence. Therefore, there is always a guarantee that they will deliver substantial information to prove your case.

    By using a private investigator, you will also ensure that the investigations are handled in confidentiality to protect the child and other parties involved in the case.



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