• Civil Investigation Singapore

  • Although civil cases are a common occurrence in our society today, most people still find it hard to tell the difference between a civil and criminal case. It is important that you fist know what a civil case is in order to properly understand the aspects and scope of civil investigation.

    A civil case is defined as a lawsuit that is initiated when a person or party, also called the plaintiff, alleges that another individual, group, organization or government, referred to as the defendant, has failed to fulfill a legal responsibility to the plaintiff.

    Just like in most cases, both civil and criminal, adequate evidence is always required in order for the plaintiff to prove their claim. Whether you plan to handle the case on your own or through a lawyer, strong evidence must be presented. The best way to obtaining evidence for civil cases is through professional private investigators. In fact, even many lawyers today hire investigators to help them with the collection of evidence.

    Areas where civil investigation can be conducted

    Civil investigations can be carried out on quite a number of events or cases including;

    • Personal injury
    • Motor vehicle accidents
    • Accidents in the workplace
    • Wrongful loss of life among others

    Although the plaintiff in such cases may be able to give a detailed account of how the events occurred, a court of law requires more evidence to show that the allegations are as presented. This calls for an experienced private investigator.

    The Process of Civil Investigations

    Civil investigations are quite elaborate but vary depending on the nature of the case and those involved. The first step is always identification of those involved in the alleged case, location and other related elements. As soon as this is done, investigators will immediately start examinations to acquire more information.

    The investigation can involve interviewing people, taking of photos, checking phone records, reviewing documents and even carrying out surveillance investigation on subjects of the alleged case.

    Private investigators can also go as far as determining the kind of evidence held by the opposing parties to help in coming up with a good report that can help in proving your case. A professional investigator will help you re-construct the occurrences of the case so you have a strong evidence to present to the court or jury.

    The Importance of Hiring a Civil Investigator

    Even if you may have all the evidence that you think can be used in a civil matter, it can sometimes not be adequate.  Only professional investigators for civil cases understand the key parts of evidence that can be admissible in court, and can help you in determining what to present for a successful lawsuit.  

    However, it should be noted that there are also some simple civil cases that do not necessarily warrant lawsuits and could be easily settled out of court. Out-of-court settlements can save you time and money, although it should hinder you from hiring civil investigation Singapore.

    Before choosing to hire a civil investigator, it is important to weigh your options based on the nature of the case, procedures involved and expectations. 

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