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    Insurance companies are set up to provide clients with compensations in the event of specified losses, sickness, injury or damage. This has enabled them to thrive well as an ideal option for risk management. However, there are also those who have reverted to using unsuspecting insurance agencies to commit crimes like, fraud. Although there are various ways through which insurance fraud can be conducted, technology has been the main aspect behind the increase in such activities.

    Whether it is done by an individual or a group of people, insurance fraud can have devastating effects on the victim. Many people usually believe that insurance fraud is only committed by people or organizations that are not affiliated to insurance agencies. The truth is that insurance fraud is illegal not only in Singapore but across the world.

    The most effective way to stay safe from the trap of insurance fraud is hiring a private investigator for insurance fraud claim investigation. Herein, we will give you some basics on insurance fraud and how a PI can help with such matters.

    Types of Insurance Fraud

    Insurance fraud can be initiated in various forms, depending on the targets of those who are involved. However, the acts mainly fall into two categories; seller and buyer fraud.

    Buyer Fraud

    This form of insurance fraud can be performed by insurers, customers and others but is mainly linked to dishonesty. The following are some of the ways through which buyer fraud is done;

    • Faking death, disability or injury in order to get compensation
    • Post-dated insurance, which involves insuring people after they die in the pretense that they were issued before death.
    • Murder for proceeds, whereby people can kill their families, spouses or friends who are insured in order to claim compensation
    • Issuing insurance coverage to people or property without insurable interest
    • Falsifying insurance documents
    • Suicide attempts: This is whereby people commit suicide in the hope that it looks like an accident so that they are compensated by insurance agencies. It mainly occurs in cases of financial hardships. 

    Seller Fraud

    These are insurance fraud cases mainly conducted by insurance companies or their representatives with the intention of robbing unsuspecting customers of their money. Seller fraud can be done in many ways including;

    • Transacting business with clients or insuring people through ghost or non-existent insurance companies and brokers
    • Premium theft, whereby representatives of insurers accept premiums from clients but fail to deliver the compensation.
    • Over-coverage or under-coverage: This is where an insurance agency convinces people to acquire policies they do not need, or sell incomplete coverage but represent them as complete. It is aimed at increasing sales for insurance agencies instead of meeting the needs of customers.
    • Seller fraud can also be carried out by insurance reps who convince customers to either drop, acquire or renew policies that are not necessary in order to enhance the profitability of the company. 

    Regardless of where, who are how the act is committed, all the acts described above are considered fraudulent and punishable by law. Sometimes, insurance fraud can be easily detected but there are also occasions when the victims can never get to know of the acts. All in all, victims of insurance fraud are bound to suffer if the activities are not identified and acted upon as required by law. 

    How Insurance Fraud Claim is Investigated

    We have well trained private investigators with experience in insurance fraud claim investigation to assist you on short notice. We have been able to help quite a number of people and insurance companies faced with fraud to obtain evidence of the activities. As such, we have a proper understanding of the nature of insurance fraud claims and how to go about investigating different cases.

    Investigations on insurance fraud can either involve individuals or insurance agencies, depending on the needs of every client and aim of the investigations. However, the basis of all investigations is to bring out enough and credible evidence that can be used in tracing the fraudulent activities and bringing to justice, the offenders.

    Insurance fraud claim investigations are conducted using various techniques, tools and equipment. Since insurance fraud can take several forms, there is usually no particular approach to the investigations. The choice of a better tool or technique is always based on the nature of the case being handled. With the expertise and experience of our detectives, we will be able to identify and use the most convenient and efficient approach in the investigations.

    Investigating an insurance claim mainly entails conducting background checks, obtaining documents of transactions and keeping an eye on subjects. Our private investigators have proper training in the use of technology and other gadgets in obtaining evidence from both online and offline sources. Besides, there are also extreme cases whereby these tools may not be adequate in obtaining the required information.

    We have skilled private detectives who can also be commissioned to undertake covert operations. In fact, this has been one of the most effective techniques for insurance fraud claim investigations since it enables us to discretely infiltrate an organization or a group of people for more credible and reliable information.

    Investigations into claims of insurance fraud can involve a series of activities including;

    • Assessment of the history of the allegations of fraud
    • Checking the timing of the claim
    • Surveillance investigation to determine the reality of the claim
    • Analysis of damaged property
    • Checking financial backgrounds of subjects
    • Monitoring social media activities

    All these can be useful in generating evidence for insurance fraud claim but could still be combined with other techniques and processes to ensure that all the information obtained is sufficient for determining a case of insurance fraud.

    Even if you need car or auto insurance fraud investigation, hiring a PI is an ideal option that will enable you to get the facts within a short time.

    Although you may have the suspicions of insurance fraud, those are still not enough to convict an individual or organization of the offense. Besides, the claims could also not be true. The most effective and convenient way of finding out the truth is hiring a PI for insurance fraud claim investigation Singapore. 



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