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    Children are vulnerable if not given proper care and treatment when growing up. Owing to this inability to protect themselves, many children have continued to suffer various kinds of abuses in the hands of guardians and even their own parents. Although child abuse is considered a crime, there are numerous cases that usually go unpunished, posing a greater challenge to child protection.

    One of the key roles and expectations of every parent or guardian is to ensure the safety of their child. This could be guaranteed in the home and other places where children are under the watch of parents or guardians. However, there are several other instances that may expose a child to abuse without the knowledge of the parent. In fact, there are even cases whereby children have been abused right inside their homes.

    Child protection investigation involves the collection and analysis of information about individuals and events through monitoring, surveillance investigation and other techniques for the purpose of obtaining evidence of child abuse investigation and neglect. Through proper child investigation, parents, guardians and authorities are able to take action against offenders while also ensuring safety of children.

    The importance of Child Protection Investigation

    Although many people only think of child protection investigations in cases of child abuse or child custody investigation cases, there are other things that can also be achieved through the process. Child safety investigation can also help in the following;

    • Assessment of whether a child or group of children should be accorded protection
    • Investigating claims or suspicions of risk or harm to a child
    • Assessment of whether a child has been exposed to any form of harm or  likely harm

    A private investigator can also help parents or guardians in finding out any possible action that should be taken towards ensuring that the child is safe. On the other hand, investigations can also establish the level of protection that a child should be accorded.

    Ensuring Child Protection with a Private Investigator

    Matters regarding children are usually held in very high regard due to the increasing threats of abuse. Since many children may not even be able to give clear statements about cases of abuse and neglect, handling child protection can be challenging. Besides, there are also various standards that have to be maintained in dealing with child safety.

    In the event that you suspect any form of abuse or neglect to a child, it is advisable to consult a private investigator for advice and proper investigations. Even if some of the signs of child abuse are evident, it might not be the case. A private investigator has the expertise in gathering information and data for use in determining the truth about the safety of a child.

    There are various kinds of services that a private investigator can offer towards child protection including;

    Private investigators can also help with checks and verification of the situations in homes or other facilities used by children. Child protection investigation does not only cater for investigations in the event of an abuse but can also be conducted on regular basis to guarantee the safety of a child.

    How child protection investigation is done

    Through a selecting professional private investigator, parents and guardians are able to determine the level of protection that their children are accorded. Through the investigation process, you will be able to get factual information that can be relied upon in ensuring child safety.

    As soon as investigators get the go-ahead to investigate a case of child safety, they will start by reviewing the history of the child and other investigative aspects, including those whom he or she interacts with. Based on the nature of the case, investigators will choose the best procedures to apply in gathering evidence.

    Some of the ways through which private investigators conduct child protection investigation include;

    • Interviewing family members, others close to the child or mentioned by a client
    • Tracking down criminal records of those who are suspected of involvement in child abuse
    • Examining employment records of any parties involved in the case
    • Credit-checks for persons who may have been linked to the child

    A PI understands that there are times when claimants or those who commission child protection investigations may not have all the information required at hand for thorough investigations. As such, the investigators can always go further in their activities and conduct any other checks that would help in obtaining credible evidence for child protection.

    On completion of the investigation process, the data obtained will be carefully analyzed and crafted in a detailed report to be presented to the client. All the investigative activities are performed under strict measures to ensure credibility of evidence and confidentiality. In fact, all details of the investigation are only shared between the particular PI handling the case and the client.

    Evidence for child protection investigation Singapore can be availed in various forms including written statements, audio recordings, video footage, and photos among others. The purpose of private investigators is to make sure that you get all the necessary information that could be used in determining the safety of a minor. As such, there is a guarantee of the reliability and credibility of evidence.

    Just like other forms of professional private investigations, child protection investigation is a fact-finding mission, aimed at giving facts to support or dispute the level of child safety. Based on the findings, there may be evidence of child abuse and neglect or the opposite. With the evidence, you will be able to determine the most appropriate measures to be taken for the protection of the child.

    There is usually no specific timeline for carrying out child protection investigation. The amount of time depends on the nature of the case and aims of the investigations. However, investigators always act fast to ensure that clients are able to get the required information or evidence without waiting for too long.









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