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    • What is the job of a Private Investigator?

      A private investigator is a professional with skills and tools for conducting various forms of investigations on both civil and criminal cases. A PI can carry out investigations on an individual, groups of people, events or property and deliver adequate evidence to be used in unearthing the truth about suspicions or claims.

      There are various kinds of private investigation services that you can acquire from our PIs including, infidelity investigations, cybercrime investigations,surveillance, pre-employment screening, divorce evidence investigation, insurance fraud claim investigations among others. Besides, a private detective can also perform covert or undercover operations

    • What kinds of private investigations do you specialize in?

      We specialize in all kinds of private investigations. Our private detectives are trained in various forms of investigations and can help you in obtaining evidence for just any case. We always make sure that you are able to get the required information. Simply talk to us for thorough private investigations into personal or commercial cases. 

    • Who can hire a private detective?

      Anyone who needs private investigation services can hire a private detective. A PI can always be of great help to people in the following situations;

    • What conditions must one meet in order to hire a private detective?

      Generally, private investigation services are not like grocery that anyone can walk into a store and buy. At least, one should be 18 years and above, and also have a pressing matter that needs to be investigated in order to commission private investigations. When filing the report, investigators will ask you to give a little information about the incident or subject of investigations and also yourself. 

    • What kind of information will I be asked to give when hiring private investigation services?

      The kind of information that you will be asked to provide when hiring a private investigator solely depends on the case. However, we only require clients to give information that could help in facilitating the process of investigations. For example, when tracing a missing person, we will ask you to give their full names, date of birth, description, information about the places frequented by the individual, names of family members and friends, and driver’s license number if he or she has one.

      As the client or person commissioning the investigations, we will also require you to identify yourself so we know exactly, who we are dealing with. 

    • Is it legal to hire a private investigator to spy on my spouse or business?

      A professional private investigation agency is licensed to offer private investigation services, and this means the services are recognized within the law. Besides, all our activities are carried out within the recommended legal procedures. Apart from investigating spouses, our detectives can also keep an eye on homes and businesses to give you a clear picture of what goes on behind your back without infringing into other people’s rights. We have the best tools and techniques for proper surveillance investigation and monitoring on individuals, events and property. 

    • How can I be sure that a PI will keep all my information confidential?

      Private investigations are all carried out discreetly without even the knowledge of the people being investigated. However, we have a non-disclosure agreement that is signed by all clients and private detectives before investigations begin. All in all, we always uphold the promise of confidentiality in every stage of the investigation. Every information that is shared with us is always kept discreet and not even other detectives who are not working on the case can access it without the consent of the client. 

    • How can I determine the best private investigator for my case?

      Although this could be challenging to those who may not have hired a PI before, you do not have to strain so much finding the right private detective. We take pride in being the best private investigation agency because we are licensed, and also have a team of highly skilled detectives with experience in the field. An ideal private investigation agency should have the resources including, innovative tools and equipment for conducting investigations. We provide a wide range of private investigation services to ensure that all clients can always get help with various cases. 

    • How long do I have to wait to get the results of an investigation?

      Based on the many years’ experience that we have in private investigations, there are common cases that we can work on within a few days or weeks. However, it should be noted that investigations are sometimes very hard to predict since the circumstances often keep changing. The duration for every investigation depends on the nature of the case and aims of the exercise. Our goal is to always ensure that all clients are able to get the desired results within the shortest time for convenience. 

    • How much does it cost to hire a private investigator?

      The cost of private investigation services usually vary from one case to another. There are various elements that are considered in calculating the cost of private investigations like, the scope of the exercise, number of private investigators involved among others. Therefore, it is always important to first talk to a private investigator about the specifics of your case in order to know how much it will cost you. We can always advise you on how to create a better plan for the task without messing up your budget. 

    • What hours do you operate?

      Having been in this job for many years, we have come to understand the fact that private investigations can be conducted at any time of day or night. Our office is open all week 9-5 but we are always available to assist clients 24/7. This means you can always contact us via phone or email even after office hours and get immediate response. 

    • Can a PI act as a witness in court?

      Being a licensed private investigation agency, the evidence obtained from our investigators can be admissible in court. Besides, we can also appoint a detective to accompany you to court in order to prove the authenticity of the evidence. This is an assurance that all our investigative procedures are conducted within the legal framework. 

    • How far can your investigations go?

      Currently, we are only licensed to offer private investigation services in Singapore. However, we are planning to extend our services to cover even foreign countries so as to help as many people and organizations as possible. 

    • Can I hire a PI as a bodyguard?

      Private investigators are professionals with training in various areas of security and can also act as bodyguards to celebrities, company managers and other entities. We can always appoint an effective security team to watch over your back at all times. 

    • What guarantees do you offer clients?

      As soon as you hire us for private investigations, we always promise confidentiality in all activities. Besides, we also guarantee regular updates on the developments of the investigation via phone, email or any other necessary means. With us, there is always a guarantee that you will get sufficient and credible evidence in the form of audio and video records, documents, photos and even witnesses. 

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