• Divorce Evidence Singapore

  • How to Get Credible Divorce Evidence in Singapore

    Divorce is an occurrence that does not only affect the spouses involved but also their loved ones and entire families.

    Despite the reason for the divorce, it can never be sufficient to soothe the heart from the infidelity emotions that it evokes. In the event that it results from acts of unfaithfulness or cheating spouse, the divorce may only be solution to prolonged hurt and pain.

    However, filing for a divorce may also not be the final act of calling it quits and dissolving your relationship. The argument about reasons why married men cheat or for the occurrence of adultery is a common phenomenon, and for a smart person, the best option is to seek an easier and simple divorce process.

    If you wish to pursue divorce, you need the help of a professional private investigator with the best skills to gather all the necessary divorce evidence Singapore.

    Divorce is a very sensitive subject that can be very challenging to handle. In fact, the greatest burden lies with the person holding the suspicion of cheating to collect all sufficient proof to show that a spouse is having an affair with another person. It is these evidences that will make your case stronger in proving the infidelity of your partner.

    Most Common Types of Evidence for Divorce Cases

    Courts that deal with divorce cases usually require the claimant to give enough evidence showing that their claims about a cheating wife or cheating husband are right. The allegations will only be ascertained if the court proves there is competent evidence.

    However, it should also be noted that family courts, just like other courts usually experience time constraints. As a result of this, it is always advisable that you choose and present the most relevant evidence that may be considered by the court.

    In many occasions, eye witness account is the key evidence usually presented in divorce cases. However, the dissolution of the relationship will greatly depend on how objective the witness is when giving evidence. An eye witness account is very useful in the verification and validation of the allegations made by the party seeking divorce.

    There are several other evidences of divorce that may also be presented during trial apart from eye witness accounts. Most of these are physical evidences and include;

    • Voice records
    • Photos
    • Emails
    • Documents
    • Video records
    • Damaged property among others

    The above-listed evidences are not the only common forms of physical evidences that can be presented in divorce. There are still others too that can be useful in the case.

    Although these evidences may seem easier to gather and present in court, it is a very tricky exercise that requires skills, resources and time. For instance, a claimant must always provide a witness or party to testify to the court that the evidence presented in a voice or even video record is factual and not tampered with in any way.

    Collection of divorce evidence should be done in the earliest time possible. Since it cannot be easy accomplishing all these on your own, it is important to hire a professional private investigator to handle them on your behalf. This will save you a lot of effort, time and also unnecessary pain.

    Professional private detectives are always very keen on the steps they take to ensure that all the required divorce evidence Singapore is collected discreetly. Investigators go the extra mile to ensure that you get the best evidence, which can be considered by a court of law during divorce trials.

    Benefits of Hiring a Private Divorce Evidence Investigator

    Divorce comes with emotional pain that will not only affect your relationship but also the wellbeing of the other members of your family. Of course, parents will first consider the wellbeing of the child and that is why it is important to hire a private investigator. A private detective will not simply collect evidence to be used in the divorce case but also provide proper cushioning against false allegations.

    Although the thought of hiring a private investigator to conduct surveillance investigation on your spouse and determine if she is cheating may be disturbing and scary, it is the best way through which you can be able to discover the truth. With all the facts at hand, you might choose to proceed and file for divorce. Besides, the evidence can also be useful in cases about child custody.

    Most people usually shy away from getting help from private investigators because of the emotional aspect linked to it. Some also develop the fear that their evidences may not hold water in front of the court. However, you no longer have to worry about all these when you hire a private investigator to collect evidence for divorce.

    Private detectives are an ideal option for gathering information through proper surveillance investigation and other means. Besides, they also have the best tools and resources to use in obtaining all the necessary pieces of information that you may need for the case. Coupled with their expertise and experience in collecting divorce evidence, there is no doubt you will get the desired information within the shortest time.

    Other than collection of divorce evidence Singapore, private investigators can also help you in several other matters regarding divorce.

    In case you need evidence to use in child custody case or proving that your spouse has misused your household finances as a result of his acts of cheating, a private investigator can be the best match for the job.

    It is also important to get help from a private detective if you are not comfortable with finding the truth about a cheating spouse personally. In fact, a private investigator could still be the best option when you need an easier marital dissolution process.

    By obtaining the services of a private investigator, there is an assurance that you will be able to get all the necessary evidence that you need for a divorce within a short period of time. Knowing the truth and having all the facts within reach will give you peace of mind and also time to make an appropriate decision. A private investigator can also offer you professional advice on the best approach to pursue.






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