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    In normal circumstances, the business owner is given daily briefings on the activities of the company. However, this mainly caters for a basic overview of the operations without an in-depth look at the activities of every employee. As a result, it can be challenging for an employer to track down the details of every worker’s activities. The only chord that keeps the wheels moving is the virtue of trust between employers and employees, which could also be deceiving.

    The work of keeping an eye on junior employees is left to heads of departments or the senior management. This can sometimes be risky because in the event that the senior management sleeps on the job, the company can be exposed to several irregularities. In fact, the matters can get very complicated when it degenerates to acts like legal violations, falsification of documents and even cover-ups.  

    When a business gets into such situations, there will be need to expose the truth. But, since many employees may not also be ready to admit mistakes, the company is bound to suffer. One of the best ways to track down the activities of workers in a company is through employee movement investigation.

    The Process of Employee Movement Investigation      

    Monitoring the activities of employees is not usually very easy since they have different responsibilities and tasks. The exercise requires expertise, experience and the right tools for success. The main aim of employee movement investigation is to monitor the performance of workers. Besides, it can also help in keeping company secrets and addressing security issues.

    Some may argue that there is no need of monitoring employees if everything in the company seems to be going on well. However, the process should not only be used in times of crises since at that time, there might be so much damage already caused. The monitoring of employee movement should be a regular activity just like auditing and others.

    By carrying out surveillance investigations and monitoring of employee movement on a regular basis, it can be easier to detect problems or irregularities before they occur. Even if the irregularity is detected later on, investigations can still look into the causes and other aspects linked to it. Hence, the company can put in place, effective measures of ensuring such hitches do not occur again.

    How employee movement investigation is conducted

    There are various options and techniques that can be used by private investigators in carrying out investigations on the activities of employees. Besides, we also have experience in investigations to always deliver credible results.

    The following are some of the common techniques and tools used by private investigators to monitor workers, and obtain information about their activities;

    • Tracking phone records: Sometimes, private investigators can recommend that a company records phone activities of employees within business hours. Through this, business owners are able to monitor how employees use phones at work, with regards to productivity.
    • Video footage: A PI can also conduct employee movement investigation through video feeds obtained from surveillance cameras. The cameras are usually installed at strategic locations within the company and connected to a central feed where all the activities are monitored. Video recordings are ideal since they can record actual scenes in real time for daily review of employee activities.
    • Employee monitoring software: This is yet another tool that can be used by businesses to keep track of the performance of workers. The software can be installed in devices used by workers on daily basis like computers, fax machines among others.
    • Undercover surveillance: There are also some situations whereby other means of surveillance may not be effective or enough for comprehensive investigations. An example of such a case is when employees are not assigned a particular job location, and need to keep moving from one work station to another.  

    In undercover or covert operations, investigations can be conducted using a wide range of techniques like the ones above, and also human operatives. Sometimes, employees need someone to keep following them in order to get adequate evidence of their activities while on the job.

    There is usually no specific technique to be used on a case but it all depends on the circumstances around the case, or purpose of the investigations.  

    The Importance of a Private Investigator in Employee Movement Investigation

    Even if a business has just a few numbers of employees, keeping track of the movements of each of them while at work is not an easy task. There are several businesses with proper management structures that are still unable to conduct comprehensive employee movement investigation, and this has had dire impacts on their operations.  The task not only requires skills but also so much time, which can be overwhelming to managers.

    By hiring a private investigator for employee movement investigation, you will be able to keep the normal operations of your company or business running as experts work on the case. Investigators have the best techniques and time for conducting thorough surveillance investigation and monitoring on your employees without any inconvenience.

    To some people, monitoring and surveillance of individuals is considered an infringement of their privacy. However, a private investigator has a better understanding of all the legal implications of employee movement investigations, and can offer you professional advice on how to handle the matter. Companies can sometimes do surveillance on their own but this could cause certain consequences due to lack of proper understanding of investigation laws.

    Another benefit of private investigators in employee surveillance is that they are usually very discreet in their operations. In fact, all the investigations are conducted with utmost confidentiality such that even the subjects of the process never get wind of it. The information about investigations is only shared between the investigators working on the case and the client. This ensures that company secrets are not leaked to outsiders.

    After the investigations are complete, detectives will file all the relevant evidence obtained in a report to the person who commissioned the process. You can then decide on what to do with the report depending on the revelations given therein. An employee movement investigation report can be used in measuring the performance of workers, making adjustments or even as evidence in court if the information points to malpractices.




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