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    Generally, businesses usually have a large number of workers, assigned in different departments. Junior employees work under the supervision of managers in their respective departments. As a result of this, many problems are often solved within departments and do not reach other senior managers, including the owner of the business. Although this can be a good approach to problem solving, it could also lead to other problems since it prevents the flow of information throughout the organization.

    When a business owner and other senior managers fail to get information about the behaviors and activities of junior employees, they may assume that everything is going on smoothly. This could be deceptive and lead to several losses. That is why it is recommended for businesses to work with private investigators in conducting corporate investigation. Through the investigation process, business owners are able to get a clear picture of the past and current activities in the company. Besides, corporate investigations can also help businesses in detecting future problems before they occur in order to lay out proper countermeasures.

    Our Corporate investigation Services

    Just like there are lots of productive activities going on in businesses, there are also quite a number of crimes that can be committed by workers without being noticed.  In recognition of this, we have designed a comprehensive investigation services portfolio that caters for a majority of the common problems faced by corporate organizations.

    Our corporate investigation services include;

    Our private investigators can help you in obtaining information to use as evidence in a civil case trial. In conducting civil investigations, we collect all pieces of information including, witness accounts to ensure that you have adequate evidence to refer to in court. We can effectively investigate several kinds of civil cases like, contract breach, accident or injury claims, and property disputes among others.

    This is an important service to employers since it can enable you to gain a better understanding of an individual’s character before he or she is hired. Detectives can carry out proper background checks and other procedures to obtain adequate information about an individual. Pre-employment screening also involves verification of the details given by candidates to get the truth.

    Employees form the core of operations in every business and their activities have a greater impact on its profitability or loss. However, not even senior managers can always be effective in monitoring the activities of their juniors, which can create bigger problems to the company. Our private investigators have skills and tools to use in conducting proper investigations to reveal the activities of employees.

    Commercial investigation can take several forms and dwell on a number of issues affecting a business. Our role is to thoroughly examine and unearth any suspicious operations in a business, which may have negative impacts on productivity like, industrial espionage, fraud and employee theft.

    Piracy is a very rampant problem that affects many copyright owners today. This is mainly because most of them occur online and are conducted through the use of technology, which many people are not quite conversant with. Instead of waiting for things to happen, simply talk to us for investigations about intellectual property infringement. We have the techniques and equipment to use in gathering evidence about piracy and other forms of intellectual property breach.

    We understand that corporate investigations can be very complex and also risky, especially in cases involving money. Besides, suspicions on corporate crimes should also be urgently reported and investigated. With these in mind, there is no doubt you need a professional private investigator that can guarantee the best corporate investigation. We are the right partner that you can always count on for the comprehensive and credible business investigations. Private Investigator Singapore also specializes in Parallel Criminal Investigation

    The Process of Corporate Investigation Singapore

    Whenever you ask us to conduct corporate investigations on your organization, there are certain procedures that have to be undertaken for success. All our services are carried out in absolute discretion to protect all parties involved in the case. However, we also recommend clients who may wish to sign a confidentiality agreement with us to do so. This is a guarantee that the information shared between private investigators and clients will always be kept secret.

    In order to proceed, we will first create a profile for the subjects mentioned in the investigation so as to determine the most effective approaches to pursue. Since there are various forms of corporate crimes, the scope of investigations also varies depending on particular case at hand.

    Having conducted corporate investigations for many years, we understand the various aspects of cases under this category. Therefore, our private investigators can always identify and exploit the right procedures or techniques for your case. Depending on the aims of the investigation, we can always act with caution and fast enough to bring to light, the required information.

    Finding information about malpractices in larger corporate organizations can be very challenging, owing to the large number of workers and security measures. In fact, there are some occasions when even technologies like the internet cannot be adequate in carrying out investigations. However, there is no reason to worry because we also have professional undercover operatives who can be planted in a company to unearth hidden information. Instead of exposing yourself to the dangers of such activities, let a PI take the risk.

    Our corporate investigation services can also extend to surveillance investigation of employees. Although everything might seem to be running smoothly in an organization, there could be so much crimes going on behind closed doors. As a result of this, hiring a PI to keep an eye on workers could be very effective in unearthing hidden deals or activities that may poison the business.

    Suspicions can sometimes be true or false, depending on the evidence. However, that should not discourage you to assume the suspicions that you have about your workers or activities in the business. In fact, all suspicions should be taken seriously and well investigated in order to find out the truth. Our goal is to always make sure that you get accurate and sufficient evidence through thorough corporate investigation Singapore.





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