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    Solving and dealing with domestic disputes or matters arising from the home are sometimes very challenging to most people. This is because; you have to act in the interests of the family even if means sacrificing your happiness. As a result of this, many people have often chosen to suffer in silence all in attempt to protect the images of their families. However, this may not be the best solution since it will only cause more pain and leave you in utter desperation. We can help you with domestic investigation to unearth the truth about any suspicions in the family with a guarantee of confidentiality in every step. 

    Our Domestic Investigation Services 

    We understand that there are various kinds of domestic disputes that families face, which call for private investigations. Thus, we have well trained private investigators who can handle a variety of domestic cases to give you peace of mind. Some of our domestic investigation services include the following; 

    Apart from the services listed above, there are several other domestic investigations that we can also conduct including, cheating spouse investigation, pre-marital investigation, marriage investigation, adultery investigation and cheating husband investigation.

    As an established private investigation agency in Singapore, we understand the dynamics of domestic investigations. This has enabled us to always conduct thorough investigations on a variety of domestic cases and deliver credible results. Our private detectives have unmatched expertise in investigations to always produce the best results that will perfectly meet your needs. 

    How we conduct Domestic Investigation

    We know that domestic investigations touch on the private lives of family members, relatives and even friends. As a result of this, there is always a great need in protecting the subjects of the investigation as well as the image of the family or relationship. In light of all these precautions, our private investigators are always very keen to uphold the confidentiality of all operations. In fact, we guarantee that not even those under investigation will get to know that someone is keeping an eye on them.

    As soon as you file a report for domestic investigations, we will first establish the basis of the exercise. This is where we will ask you to identify yourself and also give some information about the subjects of the investigation. The benefit of this process is to enable investigators determine the best techniques and tools to be applied in the investigation so you are able to get the required evidence in due time.

    There are some cases whereby clients may not have adequate information regarding the subjects of investigations. However, there is no reason to worry because our detectives can conduct background checks and other processes to help in the identification of the subjects of investigation. We do not want you to be left behind in the investigations and will always make sure that you get regular updates on every development in the case.

    Based on the reason for the investigation, we will choose the most appropriate procedures to use in order to acquire evidence. There are various kinds of investigative techniques and tools that we can use in domestic investigations like, tracking phone records, emails, and online activities among others.  Besides, there are also some cases whereby we can initiate surveillance to keep a close watch on people and their movements. In fact, we can also carry out covert operations to unearth the truth in occasions whereby other techniques may not be adequate.

    While conducting domestic investigations, we can always provide information or evidence in various forms including, photos, audio and video records, documents among others. For cases like, child abuse and cheating spouse investigations, we can also source and obtain witness testimonies. With the evidence, our private investigators can also act as witnesses in court cases to ascertain the credibility of an investigation report.

    Despite the investigative techniques or tools used in obtaining evidence, we always perform proper analysis on every piece of information to ensure that you are able to get the facts right. It is only after the analysis that we will compile a report to explain all the details of the evidence for clarity. Throughout all these processes, we maintain high standards of confidentiality to ensure that only you and the investigators know about the investigation.

    In the event that investigators wish to share information about the investigations, you will have to give consent for the same. As an independent entity, we are not subject to interference from the government or other investigation agencies. In fact, we always recommend clients to sign a non-disclosure agreement before we begin investigations. This is a guarantee that your information is always safe with us. 

    Why you should hire a Private Investigator for Domestic Investigation?

    Most people still fear hiring a private investigator for domestic investigations and opt to use their own means in obtaining information. However, it should be noted that conducting investigations about matters relating to family or marriage can be very challenging on your own considering the numerous precautions that must be taken. Besides, the procedure also needs a lot of time since not even your cheating partner will lay the facts right there for you to see.

    Hiring a private investigator for domestic investigation Singapore will easily save you from the stress that comes with spying on your loved ones. Imagine how painful it can be catching your husband or wife in action with another person. Such situations can lead you to making harsh and rushed decisions that might turn out to be very devastating on your and even the entire family. But, you can avoid all these by letting a private detective handle the case on your behalf.

    Domestic disputes are often impacted by suspicions, which could either be true or false. In fact, there is always no guarantee that your suspicions are true unless there is sufficient evidence to prove so. A private investigator is the best person you can trust to conduct effective domestic investigation and bring out the truth. 


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