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    Generally, we would never think of involving a private investigator to carry out any kind of surveillance investigation on our spouses. Although, deep inside, you might still be hurting from the thought that your spouse in having an affair with another person. The best way to solving the puzzle once and for all is hiring a private detective for spouse surveillance and eventually catching him/her in action.

    Even though the signs of your spouse’s involvement with another person may be quite evident, they might also be false. However, our agents will help put all the suspicions to rest for peace of mind. One of the benefits of spouse surveillance is that it is subjective and conducted in the best approach that gives the bigger picture. It is not aimed at ruining relationships but simply eliminating all doubts and suspicions that you may have concerning your spouse. Websites that promote infidelity like Ashley Madison is also on the rise.

    Potential Signs that your spouse might be cheating


    The following are some of the basic signs that your spouse may be seeing someone else behind your back;

    • Behavioral change

    Many people who cheat are often good at wearing masks when with their spouses so that it is very difficult to know their habits. However, you may still be able to see when they are with you or elsewhere. From the way they behave, you can tell they are pretending. To some extent, they may start being very critical of your actions or even go as far as picking up fights in very small matters. However, most of these behavioral changes are mainly aimed at creating distractions so they can have an excuse for leaving.

    • New attractions

    Considering that our interests keep shifting, this may not on its own be a sign of cheating. However, if your husband/wife suddenly starts to be stricter about how he/she looks including, dressing, grooming, it might likely be that he/she wants to impress others. Always ensuring he/she looks stunning before the house, you may want to find out the reason for his/her change of interests.

    • Concealing financial records

    If for the entire period that the two of you have been together, you have been sharing information about finances, like bank statements, credit card bills, and he/she now tries to hide them, there may be something more to the relationship.

    • Sudden routine shifts

    Normally, we know the routines of our spouses, including their habits, how they usually spend their days and so forth. In case it occurs that the schedule is suddenly changed and he/she seems to spend more time outside, there might be something suspicious keeping him/her out. And, if he/she is not willing to clearly explain, it would only be fair that you use an alternative means to get the facts right.

    • Increased phone and online activities

    A cheating spouse will at first try to sneak and make or receive phone calls in private. When you are together, he/she might even leave some calls unanswered. In fact, they will have passwords in every application on their phones, and even sneak them into the bathroom when taking showers. Sudden change of passwords even on his/her computer may seem suspicious if there is no proper reason for it.

    How we conduct Domestic Investigation


    In case your spouse is cheating, the best way to cushion yourself and your family from more pain is early detection. This will enable you to find a way of coming to terms with the reality and even seeking a better option. A private investigator is the best person that can help you with spouse surveillance and collecting all evidence.

    Hiring a Private Detective for Spouse surveillance


    Since your spouse is the other person who understands your schedule and habits better, they can easily hide their acts from you. They will try to avoid all locations and incidences where you may meet just to escape being discovered.

    However, a professional spouse detective can secretly follow your partner and uncover all their ways in safety and confidentiality.

    By getting a private investigator for spouse surveillance, you will not always be in the actual scenes, which is good to spare you the pain. With the help of a private detective, you can easily avoid the misery and hurt that comes with seeing the actual things that your spouse is doing behind your back. Most important, it will enable you get all the facts to know whether your spouse is cheating or not.


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