• Common Private Investigator Techniques, Tools and Equipment

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  • Techniques, Tools and Equipment used by Private Investigator in Singapore

    Today, investigations have become quite complex and require a PI to have the best instruments and take effective approaches in order to deliver credible results. As a result of this, there is a wide range of common PI techniques, tools and equipment used by private detectives in their operations. There is usually no specific approach to private investigations since cases vary in terms of scope. However, an experienced PI will identify the best techniques, tools and equipment for every case.

    Before investigations begin, detectives have to first establish the aim of the investigation and the main subjects like, specific individuals involved, property, events among others. The best approach will always be based on the nature of the case at hand, and could also be changed in the process of the investigations.  

    The Key Private Investigative techniques

    Techniques generally describe the various tactics or skills used by investigators to carry out procedures like, research, surveillance investigation and interviews on subjects. There are various techniques that are often used by private detectives in collecting, analyzing and preserving evidence.

    Basic locator techniques

    These are used before the investigations to help investigators identify the subjects mentioned in the case by determining their names, addresses, location, dates of birth, phone numbers, professional information, places frequented among other elements. Background check is a key technique here, which requires detectives to analyze a substantial amount of information for the proper understanding of the nature of the investigations.

    Since not all information can be easily accessible, investigators can use the internet; make inquiries from individuals or organizations and even imagination in order to properly locate the subjects of an investigation. Besides, detectives can also insert themselves into the scenes of investigations or launch undercover operations in order to get the required information.

    Common Tools and Equipment used by Private Investigators

    Although the process of investigations may seem easier to most people, it should be noted that there is usually so much involved. In fact, there is a wide range of tools and equipment that private investigators use in order to unearth information from their sources. The following are some of the most commonly used investigative instruments;

    • Surveillance vehicle

    Investigations usually require continuous movement of private detectives, therefore, a surveillance vehicle is a key tool for success. Unlike any other kind of vehicle, a surveillance vehicle is designed with special features to make it more useful in conducting private investigations.

    A surveillance vehicle can also operate as a central office from where detectives can monitor subjects of the investigations without being physically present in the scenes of action.

    • Surveillance cameras

    In most cases, private detectives are required to keep a close watch over subjects of investigations. Surveillance cameras can be installed in strategic locations to collect audio and video records. Detectives can also follow individuals who are under investigation and take still photos to be used as evidence.

    • Computers, laptops and software

    Although there are several investigations that can be conducted solely by human operatives, there are cases whereby detectives will need to use enhanced technology like computer and software to unearth information. For instance, background checks and cyber-crime investigation cannot be conducted without a computer, the internet and special information-harvesting software.

    Computer software can effectively help in obtaining various kinds of data held in private and public databases without the knowledge of the subjects.

    • GPS Trackers

    GPS trackers are equipment used in conducting surveillance to enable private detectives map out their routes before and during the investigations, especially when pursuing subjects. The equipment is ideal in locations or areas where a PI is not quite familiar with.

    • Binoculars

    These are also very common in private investigations since they help detectives to keep an eye on subjects from a safe distance. There are various kinds of binoculars that can be used by investigators based on the time of day or night, weather and also location of the investigations.

     There are several other tools and equipment that private detectives can also use in their operations including;

    • Data backup systems
    • Digital tape recorders
    • Money
    • Stationery
    • Flashlights

    The list of common PI techniques, tools and equipment is endless and it is the responsibility of the detective to select the most appropriate and convenient options for every case. Despite the approach taken, the basis of private investigations is to always deliver accurate, adequate and credible evidence within the shortest time.





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