• Uncovering Parallel Criminal Investigation Singapore

    May 1, 2016 | Blog | ce-admin
  • Parallel Criminal Investigation Singapore


    Parallel criminal investigations pose a great threat to not only individuals but also organizations that the cases are set upon. Having the government and civil groups coming after you is a nightmare that will never let you get any sleep, leave alone enjoying a meal. A parallel criminal investigation is whereby two different proceedings are launched on a single case.

    In most occasions, parallel criminal investigations are first ignited by civil rights institutions, which after filling a court case may attract government attention, leading to a full-blown pursuit of the case. When government agencies get involved in the case, it becomes criminal and may have dire consequences on the person or organization under investigations. The investigations do not necessarily have to start at the same time but share a common subject, which is the case at hand.

    Government intervention in civil cases is almost unavoidable because to warrant such attention, it means there is more to the case than meets the eye. The action can be initiated in the process of the civil case or even after its closure, depending on the issue.  In the event that government agencies become involved in the case, they can request the court and civil groups to provide information about their investigations including, testimonies, statements of witnesses and defendants, and other forms of evidence.

    Civil rights groups can also request information from the court pertaining to the case. In most occasions, the government and civil agencies share information in order to ensure that the case is closed in the shortest time.

    Dealing with Parallel Criminal Investigation

    The thought of a parallel criminal investigation against your company or organization is very intimidating. This can leave you in confusion, not knowing the best approach to take. One of the avenues to pursue in the first instance is obtaining clues to show the likelihood of a criminal investigation. With the information, you can be able to determine the best way to respond in the event that you are brought to task by investigators.

    Trying to make inquiries from either the government agencies or civil rights groups can be a good idea. However, it can also ruin your chances for getting a solution. By asking these two parties, you can either raise suspicions or even incriminate yourself in the process, which is suicidal. On the hand, choosing to remain silent could also suggest there is something you are hiding and already know the investigation is in futility.

    A private investigator is an ideal partner that you can rely on to uncover information about parallel criminal investigations leveled against you or your company. Private detectives have the expertise and tools to use in finding out the truth about parallel criminal investigations and internal operations of your company to help you understand the situation much better. Besides, a PI can also give you advice on how to ensure safety in the event of such investigations.

    Even with the help of a private detective, it is still advisable to always tell the truth or give the required information. By co-operating with the government and civil agencies, there is a likelihood the case could be handled in a more friendly and convenient way.





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