• Hiring a Private Investigator in Singapore to do the Job

    March 24, 2016 | Blog | ce-admin
  • Engaging a Private Investigator in Singapore


    In the complex world that we live in today, private investigations have become a necessity to most people and organizations. However, there is also quite a number of individuals who still consider hiring a private investigator an expensive and unnecessary exercise. Instead of using private detectives to find out the truth, many people choose to suffer in secret. But, you do not have to go through a similar experience, because private investigators are quite effective and convenient in conducting investigations on a number of cases to unearth the truth. We know that dealing with such domestic investigations are tough. But Private Investigator Singapore has the experience, and we can also offer our advises.

    Suffering from emotional infidelity? Even if your relationship has lasted just a few months, the thought that your partner could be cheating is quite humiliating. What’s more, the impacts of his infidelity will not only be felt by you but also other family members including, the children. For the sake of the family and your relationship, you may decide to just keep quiet. However, that would not solve the situation but, only add injury to the insult.

    Although the suspicions about a cheating partner may be true, there could also be chances that he/she is only going through a tough time making him/her to act different. Thus, it is always very important to try finding out the truth before coming to any conclusions. The most effective way of unearthing the truth about infidelity claims is by hiring a private investigator to do the job.

    Indications that your partner could be cheating

    Men are usually good at showing their emotions but in the event of infidelity, they tend to be more secretive. As a result of this, it may not be easier to get the facts right on your own. However, there are some common signs of infidelity that you should look out for in him.

    In case your partner suddenly starts to show some of the changes below, it’s time to talk to a private investigator for the truth;

    • Increased phone and online activities: If your husband starts to become so confidential with his phone, and spends so much time on the device without any explanation, there could be something he is hiding, most likely an affair. Another sign that your partner could be involved in infidelity is when he suddenly changes passwords on his computer and social media accounts without proper reasons. As infidelity sets in, a man will also start spending more time online and often feel offended whenever you try to find out about his activities.  
    • He is aggressive and rude: Studies have shown that men who cheat usually start treating their spouses with some level of rudeness and even pick up fights over very trivial issues. Sometime, he will also criticize you over unnecessary matters just to annoy you.
    • Spends too much time outside the home unlike before: If your husband normally comes home at a particular time then suddenly changes the schedule for no proper reason, it could be that there is something he is enjoying out there that is keeping him too long. Sometimes, he may also come up with excuses to stay out late when you know the reasons he is giving are out of place.
    • Decreased level of intimacy: Whenever a man starts cheating, he gradually distances himself from his partner, and this can be seen in the way he reacts whenever you two are together.  Generally, he becomes less interested in spending moments with you unlike it was before.
    • Hiding financial statements: If for the entire period that you two have been together, you have been sharing financial statements then he suddenly begins to hide his, there is a likelihood he is having some extra financial activities that he does not want you to find out.
    • Comes home with unusual smells: Women are always very keen even on simple details about their husbands or boyfriends, including even the colognes they wear. In the event that your husband comes home with a different smell that you are sure is not his, it’s important to ask. If he fails to give a proper reason for it, there are higher chances he may be seeing someone behind your back.

    Most men may show a number of the signs discussed above but there are also some who may not even give the slightest clue. Therefore, you do not have to wait to see all the signs in him to start running up and down in search of help. As soon as you notice sudden changes like the ones above or other suspicious behaviors on your husband, it is wise to talk to a PI.

    Even if the suspicions may be true, making the discovery early is important so you can figure out the next move. Choosing to remain silent until when he can no longer hide his ways will only leave you in desperation. Finding out the truth early enough will give you an ample time to think about the issue and make the right decision for yourself, the relationship and family before things get out of hand.

    The Importance of a PI in Infidelity Investigations 

     Hiring a private investigator is an ideal step to take whenever you have suspicions of a unfaithful husband or cheating wife. The process of investigating someone who is involved in infidelity requires skills, resources and can also take so much of your time. Since he will always try to cover his acts, an investigator is always a step ahead to uncover the truth on your behalf.

    Private detectives have a wide range of tools and also the expertise to apply in investigating infidelity cases. Besides, there are also quite a number of techniques that a private investigator can use to obtain evidence of a cheating husband. Evidence can be presented through phone records, emails, social media activity records, photos, video and audio records. To ensure that you get sufficient proof, investigators will collect as much information as possible regarding your husband.

    Infidelity investigations are usually very intimidating, when you have to find out your husband is cheating by yourself. You can spare yourself and other family members all the pain by letting a private investigator work on the case. All the investigation procedures are conducted in total discretion and also within the law for the ultimate protection of the interests of both parties. 


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