• Although it is the responsibility of the state to ensure the safety of all citizens, there come situations where government agencies like the police may not be enough to help. The best option to pursue in such cases is hiring a private investigator. The main role of a private detective is to gather information about your case and compile evidence that can be used to prove or dispute the claims.

    As professionals in conducting private investigations, we can help you in so many cases with a guarantee of the best results. All our detectives are well trained and have experience in performing various kinds of investigations.

    The following are some of the main private investigation services that we offer;

    There are several other investigation services that we can also conduct including, digital forensics, undercover operations, employee movement investigation, pre-employment screening among others.

    As soon as you contact us, we will first engage you to get as much information as possible about the case to develop a basis for the investigations. We understand that there are situations where you may also not have any useful information and will apply various techniques to ensure that you are able to get the evidence that is needed.

    Our private investigators can also give you advice on how to act and deal with various kinds of cases during the investigation process and after the evidence is delivered. Besides, we also take the necessary precautions to ensure that all the processes of investigation, including information are kept in discretion. This is important in the protection of the interests of all clients, the investigation as well as detectives.

    By hiring a private investigator, there is also a greater chance you will be able to get sufficient evidence with credible information that can be relied upon in settlement of disputes both in and out of the court. 

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