• What is the Cost of Hiring a Private Investigator?

    May 15, 2016 | Blog | ce-admin
  • Despite the growing need for private investigation services in Singapore today, quite a number of people have never hired the services before. Cost is one of the key elements to be considered when hiring a private investigator. Based on the nature of the investigations that a client requires, there is usually no fixed charge for the services. This could sometimes make people to think that private investigation services are expensive but, the reality is, cost of private investigations is invaluable.

    The work of a private investigator is one that keeps changing based on the circumstances of the investigations. As a result of this, it may not be very easy to calculate the overall costs of all cases. However, there are also certain common cases whose costs can be estimated beforehand. Talking to a private investigator is one of the most convenient options for finding out the cost of their services.

    As you prepare to contact a private investigator, it’s important to also note that the cost of hiring a private investigator may be based on the following factors;

    The number of investigators required

    Investigations that require many detectives are usually on the high-end unlike those that can be conducted by one or two investigators. If the number of investigators assigned to a particular case is high, it means there are lots of activities involved, which is likely to push the costs up. However, this should not scare you since a private investigator can always come up with a better plan at a cost that suits your budget.

    Time and duration of the investigations

    The time of investigations can vary from day, night to round-the-clock surveillance depending on when investigators can get the most of the required information. Investigations conducted at night and also 24/7 could sometimes be more costly unlike those done during the day. Generally, private investigations have risks but truth be told, working at night and round-the-clock can be more risky and also requires a lot of precaution.

    Since some investigations may keep changing in scope as they progress, private investigators may not always give a specific duration for all cases. On the other hand, there are also certain common investigations whose durations they can predict due to experience in working on them. Investigations that usually take long to complete could warrant higher costs than short-lived ones.

    Any special requirements

    Private investigators have a clear policy outlining the services offered and extent to which they can go when working on cases. However, a private investigator also understands that there are cases whereby clients may make special requests like, the use of particular equipment in surveillance investigation and information gathering. Just like with other services, special requests come with additional costs that might make the overall costs of hiring a private investigator a bit higher.

    The cost of hiring a private investigator can also depend on the coverage of the investigations. For instance, investigations that require detectives to visit foreign countries or cross borders can be more expensive than those conducted locally.

    Despite all these factors, making inquiries from a renowned private investigation agency is still the best way to finding out how much you will be expected to pay for the required services.

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