• How do you go about selecting a good Private Investigation in Singapore?

    Private investigation is one of the most sought after services among individuals and organizations today. This can be attributed to the rapid increase and shift in the way crimes are committed. Private investigations cover quite a number of cases that involve the collection of evidence or intelligence information. However, this versatility does not always guarantee success unless you choose the correct private investigator to handle your case.

    The process of selecting a private investigator for infidelity,cybercrime, pre-employment screening, background checks, child abuse investigations or any other may seem like a simple task to many. But, there are certain elements that you have to look into in order to determine a good private investigator.

    The following are some of the key factors to consider when planning to hire a private investigator:

    • Certification and license

    Private investigations is a very sensitive area that usually requires agencies and independent investigators to meet some conditions set by government authorities in order to operate. Therefore, it is always advisable to check whether a particular investigator is authorized to undertake investigative procedures before hiring.

    For a private investigator to attain certification and licensing, they must have the recommended resources for conducting reliable investigations. This ensures they are always accountable for every action, which discourages investigation malpractices.

    • Qualifications

    The only way to ensuring proper and credible investigations is through a skilled PI. Although none will tell you they are not trained, it is important to verify the information about an investigator’s qualifications. Besides, there are also some investigators who only specialize in specific cases. Knowing the qualifications of a private investigator will help you in determining the best person that can handle your case in a more professional way.

    • Experience

    Those who said experience is the best teacher did not lie. When hiring a private investigator, you should check their portfolio to see some of the cases they have handled before. Based on their records, it is advisable to go for a private investigator that has worked on cases like the one you need to be investigated. By checking the portfolio of a private investigation agency, you will also be able to determine their success rates.

    When checking into the experience of a private investigator, it is also important to find more information about the reputation. This can be obtained from online reviews of the investigator or through word of mouth from those who have hired the agency before.

    • Rates

    Since there are various kinds of investigations that can be conducted by private investigators, the rates for the services usually vary. In fact, you can always be given a quotation for every case on request. The rates for investigations can be based on various factors like, type of investigation, number of subjects involved, aim of the investigation among others. Knowing the rates in prior will help you to plan for the procedure but it is advisable to always choose a private investigator with affordable rates that can suit your budget.

    Other factors that you should also consider in the process of selecting a private investigator include; level of commitment, insurance and the scope of operations.



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