• Reasons for Extramarital Affair


    Cheating is a common menace in society today that not only wrecks highly treasured marriages but also washes even the best kept relationships down the drains. Although there are no detailed statistics on the trends, there is no doubt many couples have at some point battled or are currently struggling with the extra affairs of their partners. People who are in a relationship go through a lot of things and situations but when it comes to cheating, the case even becomes more complicated.

    Both men and women can have extra affairs outside marriage or other relationships and it is not easy telling who is likely to cheat more between the two. In most occasions, only one partner is the relationship is usually involved in extra affairs. However, there are also cases whereby both could be cheating on each other. And, this leads to the question, what are the reasons of having an affair?

    The Key Reasons Why Couples Engage in Extra Affairs

    The reasons behind cheating usually vary from one couple or partner to another, depending on several aspects of their lives. According to experts, the motivations for infidelity differ by gender, with males often searching for additional attention and sex while females look for options of filling up emotional space.

    The following are some of the main reasons why most partners get involved in affairs;

    • Emotional infidelity: Several reports have shown that most people, especially women get bored quickly in relationships, leaving them unhappy. Besides, one partner may also not feel loved or appreciated in the relationship. As a result, they may end up with extra affairs in order to feel that connection even if it is for just a while.
    • Uncontrollable desire for sex: Although couples usually engage in intimate pleasures, the levels of their desires are never the same, which could sometimes drive others to seeking extra affairs. This can also occur in cases where one of the partners is frequently busy with work and gets little time for intimacy, however, it is something couples can work on.
    • Revenge: Sometimes couples also engage in extra relationships to hurt their partners. For example, a woman may decide to cheat after learning her man cheated on her in an effort to get back at him.
    • To get over relationships: Although it is not obvious that a cheating partner is planning to jump ship, many men and women usually get into affairs in order to get break ties with their partners.

    In most occasions, the signs of involvement in extra affairs or cheating can be clearly seen in men and women who engage in the act. But even with that, you will still need adequate evidence to confront your partner and prove the truth about any suspicious affair.

    The best way to finding out the truth about a cheating spouse,partner, husband or wife is through a private investigator. A private investigator can help you with discreet monitoring, background checks and spouse surveillance investigation on your partner, and also those he or she is suspected to be having an affair with. As a result, you will be able to get adequate and credible divorce evidence to use in determining infidelity.


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