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    Technology, especially the internet has today become a major part of our lives such that even kids would not do without it. Despite the greater benefits of the internet, it has also exposed our children to several risks. To someone who has never had the experience of cyber bullying, it is not very easy to understand how it occurs or even its dire impacts. Online bullying is among the greatest dangers faced by consumers of technology, although, it mainly affects children and teenagers.  

    Cyber bullying occurs when one person or a group of children use technology, or other electronic devices to threaten, harass, embarrass or maliciously target another or others. There are various kinds of electronic devices that can be used in committing online bullying like, cellphones, laptops, tablets, PCs among others.

    Basic Concepts of Cyber Bullying

    Although cyber bullying can sometimes occur without the knowledge of a child, there are also some kids who do it intentionally. Besides, kids who are involved in cyber bullying usually change roles, sometimes, knowingly or unknowingly. One could be the bully in one instance, and become the victim in another. Due to the desire for revenge, the bullying can go on for quite a long time without even being detected. However, that does not make it good for our kids.

    The Common types of cyber bullying

    There are many kinds of online bullying, here are a few that frequently occur;

    • Harassment/cyber stalking: This is whereby an individual repeatedly sends offensive, rude and annoying messages to the target.
    • Exclusion: It is an act of intentionally leaving out an individual from a group, especially online, and then subsequently posting malicious or harassing comments about that person.
    • Masquerading: This type of online bullying is whereby the offender creates a deceptive or fake identity to harass another or a group without being noticed. Besides, the bully can also appear as someone else while attacking the victim.
    • Outing: This is whereby a person exposes or shares private information about the victim on a public platform like, chat rooms.
    • Flaming: This refers to a fight exchange over the internet, which is done through emails, chats or instant messaging.

    There is usually no guarantee that a bully will only pursue a particular method to attack his or her victim. It all depends on their intentions and the technology that is within reach. However, there is a likelihood that as children grow, they may learn how to use even more sophisticated means. And, this is one reason it is not easier tracking down cases of online bullying.

    Channels for cyber bullying

    Cyber bulling can take several forms and is conducted via various channels, depending on the level of a child’s imaginations and access to technology. The most common channels used in online bullying include;

    • Websites
    • Social media platforms
    • Text messages
    • Chats

    Depending on the channel used by the cyber bully, the action can be done through sending mean or unkind information in the form of text messages, emails or chats to the target. There are also cases whereby the act is done by posting threatening or embarrassing statements, pictures, videos and audios on social media or websites. The information can be passed on anonymously or with a clear identification of the source.

    Kids can face online bullying in person or as a group based on the intentions of the bully. It can also happen at different times of day or night. Despite all these circumstances, cyber bullying can have significant impacts on both the victims and offenders. However, the victims are usually at the bottom of the pan.

    Effects of cyber bullying

    Just like other kinds of bullying, online bullying can have very bad consequences on children, which could potentially hinder their growth and development. In most occasions, children who are bullied online have higher chances of;

    • Growing up with low self esteem
    • Performing poorly in school and other activities
    • Skipping school or even dropping out in extreme cases
    • Developing a bad perception of certain activities

    Online bullying is also likely to interfere with the health of a child. Most kids who undergo cyber bullying and fail to get proper care could also develop psychological problems. It should also be noted that the way in which the bullying is carried out could also elevate the level of impact. For instance, an embarrassing message sent to the target’s cellphone could be less painful than one shared on a social group’s page.

    Although the act may look so trivial, cyber bullying can affect a child for quite a long time. In order to try and hide or run away from thoughts about the experience, children may find themselves in even much greater risks. Some can grow up to become violent and hostile people in life. Some teenagers have resorted to drugs and substance abuse as a result of online bullying.

    How to deal with cyber bullying

    In several countries, there are numerous laws that have been set to hinder cases of cyber bullying. However, there are still several challenges faced in the fight against those who threaten, embarrass or harass others through technology. The following are some of the immediate measures that can cushion one from being a victim of cyber bullying;

    • Let all private information remain so. Do not share these information online
    • Always take charge or the necessary actions in cases of harassment
    • Be careful of what you share with others

    If you are not sure of the best way to address the case, it is advisable to always seek immediate help by reporting to relevant authorities.

    Get professional help from a private investigator

    The detection and investigations for cyber bullying can be very tricky without the services of a private investigator. In fact, hiring a cybercrime investigator could be the best option since it enables you to get to the root of the problem, unearth all those involved and other pieces of evidence. Private investigators are familiar with the laws regulating online activities and can also offer you better advice on how to properly handle cases related to cyber bullying Singapore.





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