• Thinking of Hiring a Private Investigator in Singapore?

    March 14, 2013 | Blog | ce-admin
  • Are you planning to hire a Private Investigator in Singapore?

    Professional private investigation services are among those that have experienced a significant hike in demand in the recent years. This could not be further from the truth, many people in relationships, business organizations and even government agencies are increasingly using private investigation services. In fact, there are various kinds of criminal and civil investigation cases that private investigators can handle and deliver credible evidence of.

    Based on these pointers, it could only be wise that you get to know a few things about a private investigator and how to get one in Singapore. Continue reading for more insights on hiring a private detective.

    Who is a Private Investigator?

    A private detective or PI is a person, male or female, who is trained, qualified and licensed by the police to conduct investigatory work (inquiries, surveillance investigation, monitoring, background checks, and covert operations) but not affiliated to the police, armed forces or the government. Also known as private eye, the individual also possesses a proper understanding of the law, technology and other skills necessary for carrying out investigations.

    A private investigator can either work independently or through an investigation agency. Although there is significant difference between the two parties, hiring a private investigator who is affiliated to an investigation agency or company is more convenient than an independent detective.

    What kinds of services do Private Investigators offer?

    Just like you always check product information before spending, it is also important that you know some of the services that a private eye can offer. The services may vary from one private investigator to another, depending on their areas of specialization. However, an accomplished private investigation agency can offer a variety.

    The following are some of the main services of a private investigator Singapore;

    When prompted with civil cases like, torts, workers’ compensations, property disputes, domestic disputes or any other that require proof of allegations, a private eye can conduct proper investigations to bring out adequate and credible information. After investigations, a private investigator can write an official report detailing the evidence or even go as far as offering to give testimony as a witness in court cases.

    A private investigator can also use various techniques and resources including, technology to harvest information about an individual, organization or activity for proper identification and verification. Background checks can unearth information about an individual’s history to be used his judging his or her character, professional experience among other aspects.

    There are some cases like cheating spouses/partner or business malpractices, whereby private detectives can mount a watch over subjects to obtain evidence. Detectives can use several avenues to keep a close eye on the subjects of investigations in order to get the required information about them. Detectives can conduct surveillance investigation through digital cameras, computer software, and human agents among other options.

    • Criminal investigations

    A private investigator can also examine and unearth various kinds of criminal cases with adequate evidence for proof. Some of the most common criminal activities that detectives investigate include, fraud, cybercrime investigation, illegal business activities, theft, and drug trafficking among others. We also specialize in parallel criminal investigation.

    There are various kinds of unpleasant things that can happen to your family, dealing with these investigations require sufficient evidence in order to be addressed like claims of infidelity or cheating spouse, child abuse and child custody investigation, sexual abuse, divorce evidence investigations. The best way to protect the confidentiality of your family or domestic affairs in such matters is hiring a PI for thorough investigations into the allegations.

    A private investigator can also perform investigations into matters involving corporate organizations like insurance fraud, loss or theft of information and assets, verification of legitimacy of businesses among others.

    • Other Services

    Apart from just the services discussed above, there are others too that you can also acquire from a private investigator including; Accident reconstruction, Finding missing person, Pre-employment screening, and Undercover operations

    Sometimes, you may not be sure of the ideal services that you need. By talking to a private investigator, you will be able to get adequate information regarding all the services and how to get help more conveniently.

    How to Determine a Good Private Investigator

    Not all private investigators can offer professional services that are tailored to your personal needs. Therefore, it is also advisable to know how to tell a good PI from a bad one in order to get the job done right.

    The following are some of the basic qualities of a good private investigator;

    • Proper understanding of the law and investigation procedures
    • Professional qualification and license
    • Ability to uphold confidentiality
    • Has referrals for proof of experience
    • Clean track record in private investigations

    Generally, a good private eye should be able to show, with adequate proof that he or she can effectively conduct investigations in your case. Another important thing that you should also consider when hiring a PI is an office. An investigation agency with an office is more formal and can be trusted to deliver reliable and credible evidence in every investigation.

    Additional tips for hiring the best private investigator in Singapore

    With the above guidelines in mind, you can now proceed to hiring a private investigator. The following ideas will also help you in choosing the best PI for your case;

    • Make inquiries both online and from people around you. A little research on the internet can open your eyes to better chances of finding the right private detective. Besides, even people who have hired private investigation services can also advise you on the best options to pursue.
    • Check the rates in order to know how to plan for the exercise. A good private investigator should also be able to give you a quotation for the services in advance to help with budgeting.

    When hiring a private investigator in Singapore, you should also note that the duration for conducting investigations vary depending on the nature of your case. Although a private investigator can estimate the duration, due to experience, the circumstances may change in the process, making the investigation to last longer and end soon. However, it is always the credibility of the evidence obtained that counts.


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